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I am currently studying for a Bachelors in Mathematics from Imperial College London, from which I am graduating in June 2024. After graduation I will continue my studies with a masters, where I intend to focus on the mathematical foundations of machine learning. I have a strong desire to conduct research in this field and am actively seeking opportunities to do this.

My interests are diverse and not pinned to a specific discipline. I get captivated by the playful nature of the abstract, and I am fascinated at the elegant solutions devised in the practical application of ideas. My attention is peaked by the theories of machine learning as they harmoniously entertain these two aspects of mathematics. I am absorbed by the application abstract concepts to structure machine learning. From my perspective there is a gap between our theoretical understanding and the observed performance of deployed machine learning models. One of my motivations is to progress the frontier of theoretical machine learning such that we can harness the full capacity of this technology and expand its capabilities in an effective and reliable manner. Currently, my interests include,

However, I am eager to learn about new ideas that operate on the boundary of pure mathematics and theoretical machine learning. A subject that that I also take an interest in is AI safety. I am open to understand how some of my interests detailed above can be applied to the field of AI safety. I enjoy contemplating the philosophical conundrums encountered when discussing the impacts of AI systems. I would enjoy opportunities to have conversations on the nature of intelligence, consciousness, morality and other mysteries that arise when one takes a philosophical perspective on AI.

Academic Projects

An Investigation into Neural Network Generalization (July - August 2023)

Jordan Algebras (June 2023)

Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for HIV Treatment (March 2022)

Pseudo Random Number Generators in Python, R, and C++ (September 2022)

Point Processes For Equipment Failure Simulation (June 2022)

Analyzing to What Extend AI Decision Making Perpetuates Existing Social Imbalances and Injustices (December 2021)

Individual Projects

Artificial Intelligence Safety Fundamentals


Using Region Tests to Evaluate PAC Bounds

Aligning Pseudo-Random Number Generation in Python, R and C++


The Prime Minister’s Mathematical Propositions (July 2023)

An Investigation Into Procedure Cloning

A Thought Experiment


Developed Material on the Imperial Maths Wiki

I am an administrator for a student-led initiative at Imperial College London. To learn more about the work we do click here.